About us

Develop commercial centers in suburban areas.

Working in real estate for over fifteen years, Jean-François Desormeaux was involved in several real estate development projects of all kinds through his mortgage company Ideal Finance. Over the years, he was able to constitute a team of experts in property management with Ideal Finance and obtained the lowest rate of foreclosure and important gains.

He decided with his team of experts, to set up a business that focuses on what has been all these years the secret of their success: be sure to understand each project, assessing risk and have the best resources to bring the project to term.

Ideal Development specializes in commercial real estate with a mission to develop commercial centers in suburban areas with recent population explosion. We participate in a way, to the development of these often underserved areas by giving them access to missing services. So we focus on undeveloped or unused land and develop them to their full potential to enable better economic influence in the region.

Aware of the market needs, we continually strive to provide each tenant the Ideal location according to its needs. For this, we do diligent research before acquiring new sites. We ensure not only the project’s profitability but also to make the best use of the site while meeting the needs of our customers.

Ideal Development has earned an important place in the industry by acquiring prime site and its innovative concept. Much more than just a location, Ideal Development enables all stakeholders to find all they need at the same address: «A Site, a Franchise, an Operator and Funding».

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