A service area inside the largest industrial park in Québec

One of rare sites north
of Highway 40


Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures is a suburb of Québec city’s metropolitain region. The people of Saint-Augustin work for the most part in downtown Québec city and borrow Highway 40 for their daily commute.

  • The population of Saint-Augustin is young and part of the majority of the workforce (less 65 year old and older compare to the rest of Québec city).
  • Average household income is 37 % higher than the Québec city average ($ 94 568 vs $ 68 864).
  • Targeted market consists of 9,286 residents, 4,700 workers et 1,750 motorists.

Ideal Location

  • Located at the junction of Highway 40 and Highway 138, the site is easily accessible by motorists and benefits from a good visibility.
  • The site is also located within the largest industrial park in Québec city (4,450 workers in the industrial park).
  • Several recent developments near the site also have a positive impact on its traffic flow and the flow it is likely to generate.


A city in full expansion

  • The current daily traffic is 6,900 vehicles to the site and 16,000 vehicles using exit 298 of Highway 40
  • With the coming of new developments and due to the presence of a service station on our site, this rate will increase in the coming years.
  • More than 3,000 residential units under construction.
  • The park area of 6.3 million ft2 still in development.
  • The industrial park includes several head offices and branches of major companies (Louis Garneau sport, Hewitt, Biscuit Leclerc, General Electric, General Dynamic, Préverco, AIM, Strongco and others).


A transit site in the heart
of an industrial park

The site offers a location of choice (in the heart of the industrial park) and is ideal for motorits to and from Québec city. Ongoing developing projects confirm that the park is still expanding. Adding to this, with the cost of real estate lower than in Québec city and its proximity to the Capital, the industrial park is attracting more and more businesses, workers and tourists.


Available spaces

Some spaces are still available on the site.

A Space for retail of about 7,300 ft2.

B Space for retail «free standing» of about 2,100 ft2.

C Space for a restaurant adjacent to a convenience store of around 2,100 ft2.


* The plan is an outline and can be changer according to the needs of a specific retailer
The plan is only for information purposes and should not be used as a final document