Saint-Charles-Borromée (13-15 de la visitation)

In the heart of the city of Saint-Charles-Borromée

A city of strong demographic growth

  • Population per 3 km: 30,665 inhabitants.
  • An increase in the demographic growth of the city of Saint-Charles-Borromée which ranks it second in the RCM of Joliette.
  • A potential increase in population by 2036 of 29.7%.
  • Saint-Charles-Borromée est la ville de la MRC de Joliette qui affiche le plus haut taux de croissance démographique avec un taux de 11.52% entre 2006 et 2011.

Ideal location


  • The site is located on the main avenue of Saint-Charles-Borromée, capturing motorists in transit.
  • The people of Saint-Charles-Borromée work primarily in Joliette and borrow de la Visitation Street for their daily commute.
  • Daily traffic to the site : 11,800 vehicules.
  • Located in walking distance to the Centre Hospitalier Régional de Lanaudière.

A site near major roads


  • The site is located 10 minutes from the city of Joliette.
  • Enjoy quick access to Highway 31, Highway -343 and Route 131.
  • An absolute must for more than 11,800 vehicules daily.

The tenants

Opportunities offered by the site to the tenants:

  • Possibility for several national banners to get noticed in a sector of strong demographic development on a busy street in the city of Saint-Charles-Borromée.
  • Adjacent to a service station and convenience store.
  • The site benefits from the proximity of several businesses that create a traffic flow.


Available spaces

Some spaces are still available on the site:

A A space for a restaurant with drive-thru of 2,290 ft2 divisible, adjacent to a service station.

* Includes 25 parking spaces.

Total area = 21,312 ft2.


* The plan is an outline and can be changer according to the needs of a specific retailer
The plan is only for information purposes and should not be used as a final document

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