Saint-Charles-Borromée (170 rue de la Visitation)

In the heart of the city of Saint-Charles-Borromée

A city of strong demographic growth

  • Population per 3km: 30 665 habitants
  • Saint-Charles-Borromée is the city in the MRC of Joliette which has the highest rate of demographic growth with 11.52 % between 2006 and 2011.
  • A potential increase in population by 2036 of 29.7%.
  • After Joliette, Saint-Charles-Borromée is the most populous city of the MRC with more than 13 700 inhabitants.

Ideal Location

Saint-Charles Borromée - 170 rue de la Visitation

  • Site is located on the main avenue of the city of Saint-Charles Borromée, capturing motorist in transit.
  • The people of Saint-Charles Borromée work primarily in Joliette and borrow de la Visitation Street for their daily commute.
  • Daily traffic to the site: 11,800 vehicules.
  • Located within walking distance of the Lanaudière Regional Hospital: 750 m.

A site near major roads

Saint-Charles Borromée - 170 rue de la Visitation

  • The site is located 4 minutes from the city Joliette.
  • Enjoys quick access to Highway 31, Highway 343, and Route 131.
  • An absolute must for more than 11,800 vehicles daily.

The tenants

Opportunities offered by the site to the tenant:

  • The possibility for several national banners to get noticed in a sector of strong demographic development on a busy street in the city of Saint-Charles Borromée.
  • Adjacent to a service station and convenience store.
  • The site benefits from the proximity of several businesses that create a traffic flow.

Saint-Charles Borromée - 170 rue de la Visitation

Available spaces

Somes spaces are still available on the site.

ARental spaces for pharmacy, professional offices, medical and paramedical 19 173 ft2 on three floors with underground parking.

* 72 parking spaces (including interior spaces).

Total area = 38 693 ft2

Saint-Charles Borromée - 170 rue de la Visitation

* The plan is an outline and can be changer according to the needs of a specific retailer
The plan is only for information purposes and should not be used as a final document

developidealSaint-Charles-Borromée (170 rue de la Visitation)