Saint-Lin (Les Promenades du Marché)

The commercial center of the RCM of Montcalm

A market of 104,600 residents

Located 45 minutes from Montréal and 15 minutes from Mascouche-Terrebonne, Saint-Lin is the most populous city in the RCM of Montcalm. Alone, Saint-Lin has over 20,000 inhabitants of the 52,000 composing Montcalm. The commercial center serves the entire RCM and surrounding cities such as Rawdon, La Plaine and Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines.

  • Increase of 23.3% in the population between 2011 et 2014.
  • Population growth potential of 7,8 % in a 5 year span.
  • Targeted market consists of 104,600 residents, 3,000 workers and 16,400 motorists (daily flow in front of the site).
Ideal location
  • A transit site located on the belt of the proposed by-pass and in a sector in full development.
  • Easy access because of the traffic light and from Highway 335.
  • Good visibility (from over 300m).
  • Traffic of more than 16,400 cars daily to the site as well as 3,000 workers.
  • Important service road for people who take Route 158 and wanting to head towards the center of the municiplality by Routes 335/337.
  • Significant increase in traffic due to the purchase of a 823,000 ft2 shopping center.
  • Increase in the daily traffic due to the residential part of the project (340 units) and the shopping center (daycare, grocery, pharmacy, sport center etc.).



Serving the RCM of Montcalm
  • In the recent years, the RCM of Montcalm has grown exponentially, leaving the population with very few services to adquately meet their needs.
  • Shortage of several services and shops: we see that the demand exceeds supply and that there are significant leaks outside the targeted market (primary for child care, medical and veterinary clinics, restaurants, retail and food stores).
  • The shopping center « Les Promenades  du Marché » becomes the commercial hub of the RCM of Montcalm due to its convenient location and its leasable area of more than 240,000 ft2.

The tenants

With all the popularity of a sport center and a shoping center of a large urban center, « Les Promenades du Marché » meets the needs of the population of a Regional County Municipality.

Several national banners already saw an opportunity to capitalize on this burgeoning market and have implented their retail there.


  • Food with Service
  • Fast food
  • Shops
  • Pharmacy
  • Nursery
  • Hardware store
  • Food
  • Superstores
  • Clothes shop
  • Medical clinic

Proposed site plan


* The plan is an outline and can be changer according to the needs of a specific retailer
The plan is only for information purposes and should not be used as a final document

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