Trois-Rivières (des Prairies)

A commercial center in the heart of a residential area

A potential market of
134 000 residents

The Cap-de-la-Madeleine of Trois-Rivières sector is a residential market in full expansion:

  • Average household income is 6 % higher than that of Québec (73,204 $ vs 68,864$).
  • Increase of 20 % in the population between 2011 et 2014.
  • Potential growth of the population of 11 % in a 5 year span due to 360 future residential units.
  • A population of more than 54,000 inhabitants less than 5 km from the site.
  • No competitors in the targeted market.


  • At the intersection of two secondary arteries in a residential area catching motorists in transit.
  • Easily accessible from both arteries and in all directions.
  • Located near new developments.
  • Northwest of du Marché Street is a camping ground of 569 sites as well as a golf course.

Trois-Rivières - Des Prairies

An area in full expansion

  • This sector has experienced strong growth in recent years, leaving a shortage of shops and services (restaurants, pharmacy, service station) to adequately serve the population.
  • A current daily traffic flow of 7,350 vehicules per day.
  • With the coming of new shops (pharmacy, service station, convenience stores, clinic and daycare) and new residential developments (Terrasses des Capitales, senior residence).
  • New residential development totaling 800 units. Main ones being:

1Terrasse des Capitales: potential of 350 units.

2Construction of 60 new units on Chemin Massé.

3The Residences du Manoir: résidence senior residence.

4Terrasse des Capitales (extensions) Rome et Oslo

5Construction project Brodeur (semi-detached).

Trois-Rivières - Des Prairies

The tenants

Trois-Rivières - Des Prairies This site is a commercial center that meets the needs of residents and basically avoids them from having to travel on busy arteries.
An important daily traffic flow generated by the pharmacy, convenience store and service station provides a benefit for neighboring businesses. Trois-Rivières - Des Prairies

Available spaces

Quelques emplacements sont encore disponibles sur le site:

AA rental space for retail around 7 500 pi2 located at the crossings of des Prairies and Monseigneur-Laflèche.

BA rental space for retail around 3 000 pi2 located at the crossings of des Prairies and Monseigneur-Laflèche.

Trois-Rivières - Des Prairies

* The plan is an outline and can be changer according to the needs of a specific retailer
The plan is only for information purposes and should not be used as a final document

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