Trois-Rivières (La Place Thibeau)

La Place Thibeau

Potential market of 134 000 residents

  • Average household income 6% higher than the average Québec income (73 204$ vs 68 864$).
  • 20% population increase between 2011 and2014.
  • Increased population growth of 11% , population over 54,000 inhabitants/ 5 km.
  • Limited competition in the target market.
  • A mature market with over 4,000 workers including 3,200 from nearby industrial park.

Ideal location

Trois-Rivières - La Place Thibeau

  • Near all major access roads, Highway 40 and Highway 157.
  • Near all major community and public services.

High traffic boulevard

Trois-Rivières - La Place Thibeau

  • A traffic flow of 16,000 vehicles / day on Thibeau Street.
  • The main traffic artery for the population north of Highway 40.
  • Easily accessible on both arteries and in all directions.

The tenants

Trois-Rivières - Des Prairies

Couche-Tard’s immediate neighbor who enjoys the daily traffic and service station/convenience store.

Located near a Tim Hortons.

This commercial center near a neighborhood, meets the needs of resident in order to prevent them from going into the sectors served.

Trois-Rivières - Des Prairies

Available spaces

Some places are still available on the site:

AA restaurant with drive-thru «Free standing» of 2,649 ft2 OR a local of 5 300 ft2.

BA ground floor rental space for a retail of about 5,500 ft2.

CA rental space on the second floor of approximately 5,500 ft2.

* Parking spaces available: 77.

Total square footage = 24 860 ft2
39 212 ft2

Trois-Rivières - La Place Thibeau

* The plan is an outline and can be changer according to the needs of a specific retailer
The plan is only for information purposes and should not be used as a final document

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